5 Reasons Why We Love Beast Bin Bags

5 Reasons Why We Love Beast Bin Bags

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Today, we're talking about bin bags. We know, it's not a very exciting topic, but these aren't just any bin bags - these are Beast Bin Bags. They're super high in quality and they’re here to make a difference in your home. Keep reading to find out just how much weight a Beast Bin Bag can hold compared to a regular bin bag - you'll be surprised.

The Problem with Regular Bin Bags

The major problem with regular bin bags is that they're as weak as water. We've all been there, it’s time to take the bins out and as you take the very full rubbish bag out, it simply rips - talk about an absolute nightmare! The only way to get around the issue is by doubling up your bin bags which means more bags are going to waste.

On top of this, regular bin bags aren't very eco-friendly either. Those traditional black bags that we're used to are made from low-density polyethylene plastic, which is a non-biodegradable material. With tonnes of bin bags going to landfill every year, that's a lot of build-up of plastic pollution!

Introducing Beast Bin Bags

This is where Beast Bin Bags come into the picture, they're a game changer in every home. Beast Bin Bags are super strong and reliable, and you can be rest assured that you won't be left with a pile of rubbish left in the middle of your kitchen. They're also a fantastic eco-friendly alternative! Stay tuned, here are 5 reasons why we love Beast Bin Bags.

They're surprisingly strong

You'll never need to worry about ripped bags ever again because Beast Bin Bags are designed to hold and protect all your food waste and rubbish. The bags are a lot thicker than regular bin bags too, so you’ll only ever need to use one bag alone. No doubling up required.

These bin bags aren’t just durable, but they're also highly versatile. You can easily use them when clearing your house out and they're perfect to use for any DIY purposes as they can hold plenty of landscaping waste. In addition, if you need to pack away your winter/summer clothes, Beast Bin Bags are perfect because of how much weight they can take without ever having to worry about ripped bags (bad luck moths!)

They're made from waste

You read that right, they’re made from waste. Beast Bin Bags don't just hold heaps of rubbish, they also do their bit for the environment. Most bin bags are made from plastic, but what makes Beast Bin Bags different is that they're made using 100% recycled plastic. Using recycled plastic helps to save landfill space, which in turn helps to save energy and prevent pollution that comes when a raw material is used to make a product. By making space for Beast Bin Bags in your home, you'll be adopting an eco-friendly brand that cares for the planet as well as your rubbish.

Beast bin bags

They're tear & puncture proof

Not only are they surprisingly strong, they’re also pretty darn thick and Beast Bin Bags have a resistant technology that protects them against tears, punctures & leaks. So, if by any chance your bag has any sharp-edged rubbish in it, it will be protected from any punctures or tears.

The bags have no seam or join at the bottom and the benefit of this is that it helps to lock in any leaking liquids like juice or milk from cartons so these bags will keep your bin mess free.

They're the perfect fit for most bins

Finding the right sized bin bag for your bin isn't always straightforward. Some are either too big or they're too small, but we find that Beast Bin Bags provide a snug fit in most bins which makes them easy to put in and just as easy to remove even when they're filled to the top – you could call them the Goldilocks of bin bags.

Beast Bin Bags are available in two different sizes, 30L for tall & slim Bins and 50L for swing bins.

They're super secure

It’s all good and well for a bin bag to hold tonnes of rubbish, but it’s annoying when you can’t lock it all in. Thankfully, Beast Bin Bags offer extra security with drawstrings that can be tied to keep your rubbish secure. Whilst other bin bags come with a single drawstring, Beast Bin Bags are equipped with doubled up drawstrings that are easy to tie and will ensure your rubbish never falls out. So, when collection day comes, you can make sure your rubbish bin doesn't contain any bags that could open and cause a total mess.

Putting Beast Bin Bags to The Test

If you're as intrigued as we are, you're probably asking the same questions as us, 'how much weight can a Beast Bin Bag really hold?'. Well with two trusty (and dusty) 10kg weight plates and a Beast Bin Bag, we carried out the ultimate strength test to see just how much weight a it can hold versus how much a regular bin bag could hold.

The results below speak for themselves - the regular bin bag (left) struggled to hold 20kg of weight as we were left with a torn bag, whilst it was light work for the Beast Bin Bag (right) holding 20kg with ease and potentially even some more. It's pretty clear to see that Beast Bin Bags really do live up to their hype as a super strong bin bag that you can rely on.

Beast Up Your Bin

Impressive, huh? We highly recommend swapping out your regular bin bags for ones that are better for the environment and are super strong. With Beast Bin Bags, you’ll never have a split bag again which means you can take out the trash without encountering any nightmares. They easily fit into most bins and they're available in a 30L size and a 50L size so pick up your Beast Bin Bags from Bother today and never look back again.