A Guide to Picking the Right Nappy for Your Baby

A Guide to Picking the Right Nappy for Your Baby

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Buying nappies is straightforward, right? Yes, but only if you know what makes a good quality nappy. You want your baby to feel comfortable, so you need to make sure they have the right features and are the right size for your little one.

It's not as overwhelming as it sounds and we're going to break it right down for you. In this article, we'll look at the features that are essential when choosing a nappy and we will help you to identify which nappy size you need for your little ones.

Features to Look for When Picking a Nappy

There's a lot that you need to consider when picking the right nappy for your baby. Some of the features to look out for include absorbency, leak protection, and comfort – these are essential to ensure your baby is protected and comfortable throughout the day.


Babies and toddlers can excrete and urinate at any time of the day, so ensuring a nappy is absorbent is crucial to soak up their urine and prevent nappy blowouts. All nappies are made to be absorbent but some are better than others and can hold more urine for longer. For instance Pamper's Baby-Dry Nappies contain Micro Pearls which help to absorb 30x their weight in liquid and lock away wetness for up to 12 hours.

Leak Protection

Along with absorbency, nappies need to have leak protection which is another way of saying they need to fit snugly. Pamper's nappies are well designed with super stretchy sides and tabs that wrap around your baby to keep them snug and protect against any accidents. Their nappies also have stronger leg cuffs which will ensure nothing seeps through and causes disastrous leakages – this means better protection for your baby and peace of mind for you.


A comfortable nappy means a happy baby, and with a nappy that fits them well they'll have the freedom to move, crawl and sleep peacefully. It's important that whichever nappies you choose, they’re designed to allow air to flow through to give your baby a cool and fresh feeling. Pamper's Baby-Dry Nappies are designed with air channels to allow for fresh air flow to your baby's legs and bottom helping them to stay cool and comfortable. Pamper’s nappies come with an extra dry layer which will help with absorption and comfort for your little one. The extra layer helps to distribute any wetness evenly so it can avoid contact with your baby's delicate skin, preventing skin irritation.

Which Size Nappies Does Your Baby Need?

Here’s something you might not know - nappy sizes are based on weight, not age. You may have also noticed on the nappy packaging that sizes sometimes come as '3+', '4+' etc. The '+' is an indicator of absorbency and not size…confusing, right? Let us explain.

The ‘+’ simply means that the nappy has increased absorbency which makes them great for babies to wear during the night. A more absorbent nappy will hold more urine so your baby can remain comfortable throughout the day and sleep peacefully at night when they wee. It also means you don't need to change their nappy as often as you would with a regular nappy, which makes your life a lot easier.

Regarding nappy sizes they can differ from brand to brand, but to keep things simple we're going to look at Pamper's nappies which range from size 0 up to size 8. Follow this table below to help identify which nappy is needed for your little one:

Nappy Size


Recommended Nappy


< 3kg (newborn babies)

Pampers New Baby Size 0 Carry Pack, 24 Nappies



Pampers New Baby Size 1, 80 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack



Pampers New Baby Size 2, 76 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack



Pampers Baby-Dry Size 3, 100 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack



Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4, 86 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack



Pampers Baby-Dry Size 5, 72 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack



Pampers Baby-Dry Size 6, 62 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack


> 15kg

Pampers Baby-Dry Size 7, 58 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack


> 17kg

Pampers Baby-Dry Size 8, 52 Nappies, Jumbo+ Pack

You’re probably wondering, ‘how do I weigh my baby?’ - it's easy. Just weigh yourself on a scale, then weigh yourself whilst holding your baby and work out the difference - this will be your baby's weight.

Now you may notice there is some overlapping in the weight range of nappy sizes, so we would recommend using this only as a rough guide when picking a nappy size for your baby. There's a simple test you can do to check that the nappy size for your baby is correct. Once the nappy is on your baby, simply run two fingers between the waistband. If you can just about run two fingers through, then the nappy size is correct. You should also notice that the nappy fits securely just below your baby's belly button.

If you can easily fit two fingers through with the waistband, then the nappy is too loose. Double check the space around the leg cuffs and if this is also loose then your baby needs a size down. The last thing you want to deal with is a leaking dirty nappy!

If you struggle to fit two fingers in the waistband, then the nappy is too tight, and your baby needs a size up. This is also a good test to do when your baby's nappy is looking a little tighter than usual as this may mean they're growing into a new size. But what other signs can you look out for, so you know when it’s time to go up a size?

When Is It Time to Change Nappy Sizes?

You can do the two-finger waistband test, but there are also some other signs that you can look out for which will indicate your baby is ready for a larger nappy size.

When putting a nappy on your baby, the fastening tapes should reach the centre of the waistband. If they don't, then the nappy is too small for your baby, and you'll need the next size up.

Once the nappy is on your baby, it should cover their entire bottom. If it doesn't, then it's time to get them the next size up.

If you notice your baby pulling at their nappy and they look uncomfortable, it may mean the nappy is too tight for them. Double check using some of the indicators above to see if they need the next size up.

If you can see some redness on your baby’s tummy or thighs when removing the nappy, this indicates the nappy is too tight for them, so they’ll need the next size up.

You may also notice your baby is prone to nappy rash, this could potentially be because the nappy is too tight and rubbing against their skin, therefore causing irritation. To help with nappy rash, order some Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. This helps to soothe your baby’s sore skin and works to rapidly reduce nappy rash. In the meantime, get ordering some larger nappies for your little one.

The Nappy Wrap Up

You should now know what features to look for when picking a nappy and how to make sure you pick the right nappy size so you can ensure your baby has complete comfort all day long and throughout the night. Be sure to stock up on our Pamper's Baby-Dry Nappy range which will make things easier for you and your baby thanks to their increased absorbency which provides extra protection against leakages and nappy blowouts. Remember, a comfortable baby means a happy baby.