A Simple Swap to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

A Simple Swap to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

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When it comes to picking a kitchen roll, we want something that's strong, makes cleaning tasks easy and is super absorbent. But have you ever considered choosing a kitchen roll that does all of that and is eco-friendly?

Well, it's time for you to know about bamboo kitchen roll and why it's a better option for your home. In today's article, we're going to look at the problems with regular kitchen rolls and why bamboo is just as good, if not better.

Problems With Regular Kitchen Rolls

Now don't get us wrong - regular kitchen roll is super useful, but it has its faults. Much like toilet paper, kitchen rolls require trees to be cut down so that they can be made.

The good thing is that most kitchen rolls are FSC certified, however kitchen rolls can’t be recycled, so it has to go in your usual rubbish bin where it will be taken to landfill to decompose. Whilst it only takes regular paper towels between  14 to 45 days to decompose, there are millions of sheets being used every year which means there's a lot of kitchen paper going to landfill.  With so much kitchen paper being wasted, more trees are having to be cut down.

To make things worse, most regular kitchen rolls come in plastic packaging, which you may know isn't recyclable. It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to biodegrade and it's a major contributor to pollution in our streets, rivers, and oceans.

Switch to Bamboo

So, what's the solution? Bamboo kitchen rolls.

Bamboo is a material that's becoming widely used as a paper replacement, thanks to its strength, and high levels of absorbency. You can buy  bamboo cleaning utensils,  bamboo dental products  and yes,  bamboo kitchen rolls.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, it grows up to 30x faster than trees and it can grow up to 35 inches per day. An additional benefit is that  bamboo is highly renewable. Unlike trees, once bamboo is cut from the ground, its leaves spread out to send energy down to its root system to support the growth of new shoots - there's no replanting required. The process of turning bamboo into paper is simple. The trees are first cut down into small chips which are then sorted, washed, and cleaned. The bamboo chips are then processed into a pulp which is then pressed together to form large sized rolls. Once the large sized rolls are ready, these are cut smaller to produce bamboo rolls for us to use.

As you can see, bamboo is a pretty useful material, it grows rapidly, it's readily available, highly versatile and it's durable, but why should you replace your regular kitchen rolls with bamboo kitchen rolls?

5 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Kitchen Rolls

Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are made from 100% bamboo meaning they’re packed with benefits that help you with quick kitchen cleaning and they’re a great eco-friendly option for your home. Here are 5 reasons why you need to consider switching from regular kitchen roll to bamboo kitchen roll.

Stronger And Absorbent

Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are stronger and more absorbent than your regular kitchen rolls because they're made with bamboo. One of our favourite things about the Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are that the sheets of paper can absorb more water than regular paper towels. You can soak them under water and easily wring them out because they're twistable and tough, they act just like a cleaning cloth. This makes them great to use when cleaning up spillages and stains in your kitchen after a long night of cooking a delicious dinner.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are made with bamboo that would otherwise go to waste from FSC certified forests. This means there’s no clearing of areas that may have trees so by buying their products, you can help stop deforestation.

Better For Allergies

For people with allergies, you'll be pleased to know that Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are hypoallergenic. Bamboo kitchen rolls release fewer dust particles than kitchen towels so there’s less tissue dust floating around in the air. Bamboo plants do not require any chemicals or pesticides for them to be harvested so it's safer for people who do suffer from allergies.

Safer On Skin

Cheeky Panda Kitchen Rolls are great for people with sensitive skin and will prevent any skin irritation. In fact, bamboo paper products are known for being ultra-soft which makes it's gentle next to all skin.

Helps You to Save Money & Paper Wastage

Now because bamboo paper is stronger and more absorbent than regular paper towels, you can clean those kitchen spillages and stains with fewer sheets of paper. This means you won't need to use up rolls and rolls of regular kitchen paper so quickly because bamboo sheets will prevent excess wastage. They can potentially help you save money too because you can stock up on fewer packs of bamboo kitchen rolls which will last you longer than regular kitchen rolls.

Introduce Bamboo into Your Home

So if you’re looking for something that’s stronger and more absorbent than regular kitchen towels, try Cheeky Panda Bamboo Kitchen Rolls. Bamboo kitchen roll have great benefits like increased paper strength, better absorbency, and they’re better for allergies. Bringing in a bamboo-based kitchen roll is a great place to start - just think about how much you use kitchen roll every single week. Once you've introduced the bamboo rolls into your home, you can full bamboo with Cheeky Panda's  Luxury Bamboo Facial Tissues and their 8 pack of  Bamboo Pocket Tissues.