Bother is now officially Carbon-neutral

Bother is now officially Carbon-neutral

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From today, in partnership with Carbon Analytics, Bother is officially Carbon-neutral. We have taken responsibility not just for our own Carbon footprint, but also the total footprint of our entire supply chain. That means any product you buy from Bother has zero carbon footprint from the moment it leaves our suppliers until it lands on your doorstep.

Did you know that over 90% of the emissions of household products, is down to their transportation and usage at home, not their production. It’s not so much what we buy but the way we buy things that has the biggest environmental impact.

Solving this problem is at the heart of our vision. We are making buying household products more environmentally friendly. From Persil to peanut butter, if you buy them at Bother it will help the environment. How does it work? Carbon Analytics track our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions which mean we can offset their impact through Gold Standard Carbon Projects. Splitting emissions into “scopes” is just splitting out where they’re produced. So Scope 1 is everything that Bother produces in operating, Scope 2 is the power we buy to operate, Scope 3 is our supplier’s transportation to get the goods to us. Simple, really when you think about it.

Offsetting our Carbon emissions with Carbon Analytics is a huge step for a company as new as Bother, one that we hope will inspire the rest of the industry to make a positive change. If they did the same, the majority of Carbon emissions associated with one of the largest manufacturing industries in Europe would be offset in one fell swoop.

On top of our work with Carbon Analytics, we’ve planted more than 40,000 trees and assisted in environmentally friendly projects worldwide thanks to a partnership with Ecologi.

Together, we’ve already helped build onshore wind farms in India, protected lowland peat forest in Indonesia, helped distribute fuel efficient stoves in Honduras, built sustainable composting facilities in Vietnam among a long list of others.

Planting trees in Madagascar

And we haven’t stopped there. At Bother, our commitment runs across everything we do, from our fully recyclable packaging, our shredded cardboard in fill that would otherwise be thrown away, our fully recyclable air pockets to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition.

And we’ve only just started. We continue to research and develop our ultimate plans to bring our vision to reality.

We’re proud to be joining a group of companies like Patagonia, Rebel Kitchen and Leon that have offset their carbon footprint.

For far too long, people have had to make sacrifices to help the planet. In price, in convenience or both. This is not how this emergency will be solved and it’s too late to wait. We need to make the solution easier, cheaper and crucially economically viable and to be self sustaining in the time frames the planet requires. Waiting for every consumer to switch to expensive, hard to find products, for the largest manufacturers to change of their own volition or for governments to agree to affect change is no longer good enough. Now, at the very least, shopping with Bother means you’re playing your part in the easiest way possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements coming very soon.