Bother trial closes the loop with tricky-to-recycle packaging

Bother trial closes the loop with tricky-to-recycle packaging

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The current recycling model

Recycling is one of the key activities we can do collectively to benefit our communities and the environment. It comes with a wealth of benefits, including the reduction of waste being sent to landfills, conserving natural resources, saves energy in general, the list goes on.

You're probably pretty familiar with the standard recycling process, we fill our recycling bins and the kerbside collection takes it away for us. However, the problem is that not everything is recyclable and in fact, it's pretty hard to tell what is actually recyclable and what isn't. Adding to that, local boroughs all tend to have a different recycling scheme, it's almost impossible to keep up!

The Bother Recycling Solution

We really wanted to make it easier for Bother customers to close the loop on their boring basics packaging. So we got thinking and are really excited to announce that we are going to run a trial for a limited number to customers to understand if its possible and whether it will help our customers to close that recycling loop!

Although we use FSC® certified paper and 100% recyclable packaging, we also sell products that come in Tetra Paks, and up until now they haven't been the easiest to recycle. You can't always recycle it in your kerbside collection and nor do some local authorities accept them. It's because the recycling process for Tetra Paks isn't as straightforward, compared to normal recycling.

We've listened to your comments and have realised that some of you have had troubles with the kerbside Tetra Pak recycling. Now, thanks to a lot of work behind the scenes, we're excited to let you know that we are working on making it easy to recycle them with Bother!

It's quite simple. If you're selected to take part in this trial, you'll receive a leaflet and DPD label in your order. All you need to do is refill your Bother box with old Bother packaging, attach the label and send it back to us. Put your feet up, and we'll deal with the rest.

Can I take part?

We'll initially be launching this on a trial basis so that we can get feedback on the process from both our customers and our suppliers. If you're part of the trial you will find an invite, leaflet and DPD label in your next order.

There's a survey at the end of the blog that we would love for you to take to provide us with some feedback on our current packaging and future packaging initiatives.

Click here to take the survey now.

The long term goal

Ultimately, we want to close the loop on recycling. The Bother packaging you send back to us will be reused for future orders, so in turn we cut down on how much packaging we really end up using!

The Tetra Paks will be separated into their different materials (paper, wax, plastics etc.) From here, they will be put through hydropulping which separates the materials even further, and can then be recycled properly.

Our goal is to transform the way grocery shopping operates from start to finish. We are a new company and we are trying our best. Our impact will grow as we do, with the help of our customers, but we believe the solution has to be for the masses and not for just the few.

We're really keen to find out how you feel about our current packaging and what we can do to make it better for you and for the planet. We'd really appreciate it if you could take our survey below, which should take less than 10 minutes, to answer some questions on our current packaging and our future packaging initiatives.

Bother Recycling Packaging Survey
Please take this short survey about our delivery packaging and the trial that we are running.