Bother's Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

Bother's Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

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Christmas is a busy period where you can get caught up with all the gift buying and food preparation for Christmas Day, but you may end up forgetting to fill those empty stockings in the process. Disaster. The good news is that there’s no need to panic, we've got all you need when it comes to filling those stockings no matter who you’re buying for.

You can order those last-minute stocking fillers from us right up until 23rd December at 4pm and get your order delivered before Christmas Day (terms and exclusions apply).

Chocolate Lovers

You might think that chocolates are the ideal stocking filler for kids, but in fact they're great for adults too. It will be smiles all around when those stockings are turned upside down and mounds of chocolate fill the living room floor. You can stock up with our fantastic range of Tony's Chocolonely - the perfect stocking filler with a wide range of deliciously flavoured chocolates. You can either stock up on their original bars or get your hands on their Christmas selections which includes the Tony's Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Packs filled with 6 delicious bars. There are two options for you to choose from with a sharing size pack and a mini size pack.

If you're looking to fill a number of stockings, then the Tiny Tony's Chocolonely Christmas Mix Pouch is perfect, it contains 20 small pieces of Tony's Chocolonely. Feeling extra generous and only filling a couple of stockings? Treat the person’s stocking you’re filling to an entire bag of Tiny Tony’s.

You could also add in some more festive flavours with Tony's Chocolonely Christmas Editions which is available in two flavours. Dark Chocolate Mint Candy Cane which has the richness of dark chocolate with enhanced flavours of mint and festive candy cane pieces. Milk Chocolate Gingerbread is the other flavour which has a creamy chocolatey taste with crunch gingerbread pieces. Whichever one you pop into a stocking will go down a treat because Tony’s Chocolonely is delightfully delicious.

Beer Devotees

For anyone that loves their craft beers and IPAs, BrewDog is the ideal stocking filler, and we have a wide range of BrewDog’s refreshing flavours that taste incredible.

BrewDog Clock Work Tangerine is infused with tangerine and has a citrusy, fresh flavour on a light caramel base. BrewDog Hazy Jane is perfect for those who prefer a less bitter beer as it’s packed with fruity flavours with notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and tangerine. BrewDog Pale Ale is a beer that packs a punch with intense aromas of pine and citrus, it has a malty flavour with plenty of hops. And lastly, BrewDog Punk IPA is BrewDog’s original with bursting flavours of caramel and tropical fruits such as pineapple, lychee, and grapefruit – a real crowd pleaser. Each flavour is available in multipack sizes so you can fill those beer lover’s stockings with perfectly brewed beers.

Got several stockings to fill and need more beer? There’s also Fourpure who make delicious and hoppy IPAs in large pack sizes of 12 per case which is perfect to help you fill up those empty stockings.

There’s the tropically flavoured Fourpure Citrus IPA which has a vibrant and zesty flavour with slightly higher levels of alcohol and bitterness. But for a lower alcohol content and less bitterness with more flavour, Fourpure Session IPAs are perfect. There’s the Fourpure Citrus Session IPA which offers citrusy flavours with notes of tangerine and low bitterness. And finally, the Fourpure Session IPA which has a gentle bitterness with tropical flavours and a hoppy finish. The Fourpure range is perfect for beer lovers who are a little more adventurous with their drinks and want to try some refreshing, unique tasting beers.

Bearded Fellows

Need a last-minute stocking filler for a bearded fella? Help him get his beard looking shiny and crisp with Bulldog's beard care range. There's the Bulldog Beard Oil that will help to soften and tame the beard thanks to its gentle formula of aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, whilst the Bulldog Beard Balm will help provide a light hold that helps to shape the beard and conditions it.

Bulldog’s Beard Oil and Beard Balm are the perfect gift ideas that won't take up a huge amount of space in a bearded man’s stocking filler, so there'll be plenty of room to add in some other bits that they'll love too. Something like this L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Solid Shampoo & Wash Bar for instance, it’s an all-in-one wash for hair, face and body so it packs the ultimate convenience into one bar. It has a soft pH to gently cleanse, and it’s enriched with the woody fragrance of Cedarwood Essential Oil which a real masculine scent.

Beauty Queens

Garnier Face Sheet Masks are here to save those stockings, there's 4 face sheets per pack and they're safe for sensitive skin. The face sheets are easy to apply and will reveal revived skin in just 15 minutes. Our Garnier range has 3 different face sheet masks that you can get your hands on to fill up those empty stockings:

These Garnier Face Sheet Masks are the ideal stocking filler for any beauty lovers that just can't get enough of making their skin glow and look flawless.

Candle Addicts

Do you know someone who is candle mad and obsesses over fragranced candles in particular? Well then it sounds like scented candles would be the best stocking filler gift for them and if you’re shopping last-minute, then its Glade to the rescue for this one.

Our Glade range has some lovely scents that will make any room feel cosier than ever during these cold winter days. There's the larger sized Glade Berry Kiss which has wonderful notes of blackberry, cranberry and champagne, and Glade Apple Cider which has warming notes of apple, cinnamon and baked crisp. Both candles have those warming winter fragrances to boost the festive spirit in any household.

For a sweeter smell, the Glade Honey & Chocolate Candle is smaller but just as intense and it sounds good enough to eat. The notes of honey, berries and spice join patchouli, sandalwood and chocolate meet to create a heart-warming atmosphere that will leave your room with a sweet, comforting aroma.

Fitness Fanatics

It's all about the protein with the gym goers so you definitely can't go wrong getting their stockings filled with these tasty and highly nutritious Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars - they're high in protein with over 20g per bar and low in sugar. You can be rest assured that once all the Christmas food is done with, gym goers will be right back on their diets and these protein bars will become a staple for their nutrition.

These iconic Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars are available in 3 delicious flavours. The Grenade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar contains chunky chocolate chips in a cookie dough flavoured nougat. The White Chocolate Salted Peanut is perfect for nut lovers with salted peanuts tucked into a soft caramel nougat coated with a layer of white chocolate. The White Chocolate Cookie is simply divine with its triple layer of white chocolate, nougat, and cookie pieces. Each bar has just 2g of sugar which makes these bars the perfect treat for anyone that’s on their fitness grind.

Next up are these Phizz 2-in-1 Multivitamin and Hydration Tablets, they're available in a pack of 3 and will fit perfectly in any stocking. You can read more about Phizz Tablets in one of our previous articles, but to put it simply, they're effervescent tablets that support hydration and contain 18 vitamins and minerals to support energy levels. A gift that any fitness enthusiast would to receive in their stocking to get them ready for their fitness journey come January.

Fill Those Stockings Up

That's everything from us to help you with some stocking filler ideas this festive period, so there's no need to chuck in a piece of fruit or a festive pair of socks when you can pop in a tasty bar of Tony's Chocolonely. You can't go wrong with our stocking filler ideas which are bound to fill your living room with smiles of joy this Christmas, and there's also no reason why those stockings can't be filled to the brim.