Bother's Response To The Ukraine Invasion

Bother's Response To The Ukraine Invasion

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March is B Corp Month 2022 and we'll be honest, we thought it would be the perfect time to announce that, well, we are one. We thought it would be a good time to talk about what exactly B Corp companies are and why it was so important to us to become one.

However, in reality, this month feels anything but celebratory and with the ongoing horrifying crisis in Ukraine, it felt more important to talk a little about what we're doing in response, and to direct our customers towards resources you can use to donate and educate if you so wish.

B Corp is, at its core, a community of companies working to make their business a force for good and being part of this kind of community feels more important now than ever before. As these global events unfold, these words from the B Lab CEO feel urgent and infallible:

“It is critical, in this moment, to reflect on the relationship between democracy and capitalism, something we’ve written about often. An interdependent stakeholder economy stands on the shoulders of stable democracies and a robust global system of rules. Without these guardrails, we don’t have a chance of transitioning to an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all.
This conflict reminds us to look beyond our typical commitments within the B Corp movement to the core role of business in supporting functioning democracies.”

— Andrew Kassoy, Co-Founder & CEO, B Lab Global

Words can't express our sorrow at the situation unfolding in Ukraine. While we acknowledge that right now our platform is relatively small, there was no question that we wanted to support those affected. Past and present staff are Ukrainian or have friends and family there, we hope this conflict is resolved quickly and peacefully.

In the meantime, Bother has committed to three actions to assist those in need.

Match staff donations

We are matching all staff donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee. They support aid charities directly with funds so that aid gets to those who need it most, fast.

Staff volunteering days

Every member has been given two volunteering days so they can help out at local collection points.

Donating goods

We are speaking to a number of charitable organisations who require the goods we stock.

You can find out more about the work done by the DEC on their website.