Can Tea Make You Healthier? Here Are 4 That Could

Can Tea Make You Healthier? Here Are 4 That Could

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Herbal tea has used for centuries to improve health and wellbeing. Some of the most common types of herbal tea include chamomile, ginger root and peppermint.

But what makes herbal tea different to regular tea and what benefits do you get from drinking them? Read on to find out which tea can boost your improve your skin health and control your cholesterol levels.  

What is the difference between herbal tea and regular tea?

Your regular cuppa is a true tea, which means it's made from the leaves of the Sinensis Plant - this includes brands like Tetley and Twining’s Earl Grey. Herbal tea on the other hand is made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs. Pretty simple, right? So why would you choose herbal tea over a mug of English Breakfast or Lapsang Souchong. It could be the flavour, sure but we’ll break down some of the benefits of the most popular herbal teas later in the article.

Does herbal tea have less caffeine than normal tea?

A cup of true tea has 47mg of caffeine per cup. Most herbal teas like peppermint and camomile have zero caffeine content which makes them a great alternative to regular tea, if you want a hot drink but don’t want the caffeine you might be used to.

Is herbal tea good for you?

Some herbal teas like lemon & ginger are great at supporting your immune system, peppermint tea is good for helping with digestion and bloating, and some teas like camomile can even help to improve your sleep quality.

Drinking herbal tea can help with things like digestive health, supporting sleep and improving your mental alertness. They can also play a part in helping to relieve some health conditions.

So now you know a little bit more about herbal tea, let's run through some of our favourites and their benefits.

Feel fresh again with Peppermint Tea

If you're suffering from an upset stomach, then peppermint tea will sort what ails you. It can help with all the symptoms associated with a grumbling tummy like stomach cramps, gas and bloating.

Peppermint tea can also help with a blocked nose, it has decongestant properties. So next time you’re feeling a bit bunged up, reach for the tea.

And lastly, if you need a helping hand with improving your focus and mental awareness without ramping up your caffeine intake, then drinking some peppermint tea could be your answer Some people swear by their ability to focus after a cup.

Calm your body with Camomile Tea

There’s a reason why camomile tea is the go to herbal tea for relaxing, it contains apigenin which can help you fall asleep faster and rest well at night.

Camomile tea can improve insulin sensitivity due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s full of powerful antioxidants that our bodies love, flavonoids to be specific. Flavonoids have been studied and have been found to have a positive impact on reducing blood pressure and controlling cholesterol levels, which has a direct impact on our heart health.

A study showed that drinking 3 cups of camomile tea every day for 8 weeks had beneficial effects on glycaemic control in Type 2 diabetic patients.

Not only is camomile tea anti-inflammatory, but it's also anti-spasmodic which means it can fight off any menstrual cramps. This also makes it good to have when suffering from digestion related cramping.

Boost your immune system with Lemon & Ginger Tea

Ginger has been used for many years to help with stomach-related complaints and lemon has properties that can help neutralise your stomach acid. So, when you next feel a stomach-ache coming on, get sipping on some lemon & ginger tea as soon as you can, and it should settle within a few hours. Whilst peppermint tea also settles a bad stomach, a cup of lemon & ginger tea is better to have when you need to relieve some nasty nausea too.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C too and it's full of antioxidants, whilst ginger has antiviral and antibacterial properties to help fight away any nasty bacteria when you're ill. Combining the two provides a powerful immune system-boosting concoction that's 100% natural and is perfect to sip on when you feel any cold symptoms coming on.

The power of Green Tea

So technically green tea isn't a herbal tea because it's made from the leaves of the Sinensis Plant (much like your regular everyday tea), however it's packed with potential health benefits and we're including it in this article so you can reap all of its goodness.

Whilst Twinings Green Tea isn’t caffeine free, it does contain less caffeine than regular tea and coffee with only 28mg of caffeine per cup. A cup of tea contains 47mg of caffeine, and a cup of coffee can contain anywhere between 60-100mg of caffeine.

One of the reasons we love green tea is because it has properties that are great for skin health. It can help to reduce inflammation in sensitive skin and help to maintain and rejuvenate skin cells with its strong antioxidant profile. Green tea contains a compound called EGCG and research has found this compound can help to clear up acne and oily skin.

Another potential health benefit of green tea is that it may improve your cardiovascular health as it has a positive impact on reducing high cholesterol levels. The antioxidants in green tea work to improve your blood circulation and heart health, in fact research has shown that people who drink 1 to 3 cups of green tea per day have a lower risk of heart attack and heart disease.

Get sipping on healthier teas

There's a wide range of potential benefits that you may see from adding herbal tea and green tea to your daily diet from things like controlling blood sugar to aiding weight loss. With a lower caffeine content than regular tea and coffee too, these teas a great alternative to switch to if you want to limit your caffeine intake. Sipping on a cup of herbal tea or green tea is a great way to treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation after a long, tiresome day. Brew your favourite infusion before you get into bed and enjoy.

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