Dry Dog Food vs Wet Dog Food

Dry Dog Food vs Wet Dog Food

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What dog food is best for your dog?

Just like humans, our canine friends need a balanced diet to keep them strong and healthy. But should that be dry food, wet food or a mixture of the two?

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of dry vs wet dog food to help you decide which to buy.

What is dog food made of?

Most dog foods contain a mix of cereal grains, meat, vegetables, seeds, oils, fats, and animal and vegetable derivatives. Plus, added flavourings, vitamins and minerals.

These ingredients are the same in dry and wet dog food, but there are some differences.

In dry dog food the ingredients are dried or dehydrated and there is usually a higher cereal content. This helps to make the crunchy little biscuits you find in the bag.

Wet dog food typically contains more meat and fresh ingredients and is often packed in tasty jelly or gravy. It comes in a tin, or foil pouch to keep it fresh and moist.

Despite their obvious differences, both dry and wet dog food are complete foods that don’t need to be supplemented. They also offer roughly the same nutrition, which makes them equally healthy for your dog.

Dry dog food pros and cons

Dry dog food pros

Dry biscuits tend to be cheaper and more long-lasting than wet dog food. They’re a convenient way to feed your dog and easy to buy in bulk, which is handy if you have more than one dog.

Dry dog food keeps well in the bag and can be stored in the cupboard, even after opening, so it won’t take over your fridge.

Because it keeps so well, it can also be left out in your dog’s bowl all day, which is ideal if your dog is a grazer rather than a scoffer. And unlike some wet foods, it doesn’t have an overpowering smell, so it won’t stink out your home.

Biscuits encourage healthy chewing, which can help to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth and improve their oral health.

Dry dog food cons

You may find that dry dog food isn’t as appealing as wet food to your dog. Most of the time this doesn’t matter, but if your dog is sick and off their food, wet food is more likely to encourage them to eat.

Dry dog food keeps well, but this means it’s more likely to contain additives, including preservatives.

The lack of moisture in dry dog food can make it more difficult to eat — especially for older dogs and those with bad teeth. But adding a little boiled water from the kettle can help to soften them. Just make sure it’s cooled down before giving it to your dog.

Wet dog food pros and cons

Wet dog food pros

Your four-legged friend will probably find wet dog food more appetising. It usually has a higher meat content than dry dog food and more fresh ingredients. There’s also the tasty jelly or gravy, which is always a paws-down winner!

The higher moisture content in wet dog food helps your dog to stay hydrated.

If your dog has a sensitive tummy, wet dog food tends to be more natural and less processed than dry. It’s also easier to make without grains, which can sometimes cause irritation.

Wet dog food cons

Wet dog food is generally more expensive to buy than dry food. And it doesn’t keep long after opening, so you’ll need to use it up more quickly. Thankfully, Pedigree Adult Wet Dog Food Pouches Mixed Variety has 40 pouches to keep you stocked up.

If you don’t need a whole can or pouch, the remainder will need to be stored in the fridge. This isn’t always ideal, as the wet food can smell horrible.

One of the other main bugbears with wet food is the mess — especially the mess it makes in your dog’s bowl. Wet food dries on quickly and means the bowl needs constant cleaning.

Our dog food recommendations

If your dog has an allergy or intolerance, you’ll find our dog food recommendations here

If your dog doesn’t need a special diet and is happy eating dry food, you could try adding a little wet food over the top as a treat. The wet food will help to add some texture and variety — and your dog will love it!

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