Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make at Home

Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make at Home

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Halloween is upon us and we're here to help you get your spook on. These decoration ideas we've got for you are easy to make and are perfect to get your house ready for a scarily good Halloween party. They’re great for kids that love to get creative and are guaranteed to get them into the Halloween spirit.

Spooky toilet roll characters

Save your empty toilet rolls to create these spooky Halloween characters. We love this idea because it's quick and easy to make and allows you to personalise your character - whether it's funky pumpkin, a scary mummy or a ghastly ghost, the decision is yours.

All you need to make this Halloween craft are:

  • Empty toilet rolls
  • Ready mixed paint and paint brushes - colours are your choice
  • Coloured card - colours are your choice
  • A glue stick
  • Googly eyes or a black marker pen

Here are two ideas to give you some inspiration:

Mummy Toilet Roll

Whether you want to paint your toilet roll is up to you, but for this idea we can leave the toilet roll as it is. If you're planning on using googly eyes, stick these on first. If not, you can draw on the mummy's eyes using a black marker pen. Next, cut up some rectangular strips of toilet paper and gently glue these so they wrap around your toilet roll, you can either cover the entire toilet roll or leave some areas uncovered. That's all there is to it.

Ghost Toilet Roll

You'll need to paint your empty toilet roll white and leave this to dry. Once the paint has dried, get some googly eyes stuck on, or draw some eyes on using a black permanent marker. Next, get some black card and cut up some different shapes for the ghost's mouth and stick these onto the toilet roll using a glue stick.

These are some simple ideas that take less than 10 minutes but will make great Halloween decorations for your party table. To take this craft step further, pierce a hole on either side of your toilet roll and thread through a piece of string and tie a knot so you can turn these spooky characters into hanging decorations.

Glass jar Halloween lanterns

Make your own enchanting Halloween lanterns using some old jars you have at home. Some old mason jars will work perfectly, but you can also use old jam jars, pasta sauce jars or any glass jars you have at home – just make sure they’re clean and dry.

Here's everything you'll need:

  • Some old glass jars
  • Coloured tissue paper of your choice
  • Black card or paper
  • PVA glue
  • LED candles

You need to start off by covering your jar in coloured tissue paper, stick this on using PVA glue to form a paper maché, make sure it's not a thick layer because you'll need it to be somewhat transparent to allow light to shine through. Once the tissue paper has dried on, cut out some spooky designs from your black card or paper and stick onto your jar using your glue. Finally, apply another layer of PVA glue for a shiny finish, then switch on and pop in your LED candles and watch your lanterns glow. These will work great as both an indoor and outdoor decoration.

Cotton ball spider webs

What is Halloween without some spooky spider webs?  These will be a neat touch to add to your haunted house when decorating your hallways, tables, and objects. We don't recommend using real spider webs, so we're going to teach you how to make fake ones using just:

There's not a lot of work required to make these spider webs, but you will need some patience. Gently stretch out some cotton balls, they should stay intact because the fibres in the cotton will keep it all connected without breaking. As you stretch out one ball at a time, carefully place this in the area you're decorating, and keep layering them up. For a stronger hold, cover your cotton ball spider webs in a sticky hairspray. Add a finishing touch by placing some plastic spiders on your webs to bring them to life.

Tin can Halloween lanterns

Here’s a simple but creative decoration idea you can make with old metal tins. Who knew your empty baked bean tins could be so handy?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Old metal tins
  • Acrylic paint
  • A hammer and a nail
  • LED candles

Firstly, make sure the tin is cleaned and dried. You'll want to paint them in a colour of your choice using an acrylic paint, we'd suggest orange or black to keep to a spooky Halloween theme. Once these have dried, lightly outline some scary faces using a light pencil, then get a hammer and nail and follow your outlines to poke some holes into the tin. Pop in an LED candle and watch those tin can lanterns create an enchanting glow.

Bin bag Halloween decorations

And finally, who would have thought that bin bags are the ultimate hack when it comes to creating creepy and eerie Halloween decorations? You can make spider webs, hanging decorations and Halloween shaped cut-outs that can be stuck on your walls. The great thing with these bin bag decorations is that you can keep onto them and reuse them year after year on every Halloween.

These decorations require very little effort to make and all you need are:

Bin bag spider webs

These can be a little tricky to make but with some steady hands and good cutting skills, you can make some large sized black spider webs.

Get a black bin bag and trim off the sides and the bottom so it opens into two separate squares, this will allow you to make two spider webs. Get one of the squares and fold it from one corner to another corner to make a triangle and trim off any excess. You then need to fold it again from one corner to another, and then once more. You'll be left with an open edge which you just need to tape together. Draw on some vertical tubes across the folded bin bag, then cut in between the tubes that you've just drawn on, remove the tape and open the bin bag to reveal an awesome, super-sized spider web that is perfect to stick on your walls and doors.

Doorframe decorations

Give your front door a spooky entrance by shredding a bin bag using a pair of scissors, leave a 5cm gap from the top so you have an area which can be stuck onto a doorframe using some tape. This will give your guests a sense of suspense as they'll have to walk through this hanging decoration to enter your frightening Halloween house. This cheap and low maintenance idea means you can make multiple hanging decorations that can be stuck on any doorframes inside your house.

Bin bag cut-outs

Strapped for time and need some last-minute decorations? The good news is this one is super quick and easy. On your black bin bag draw on some spooky shapes using a marker, things like ghosts and bats work great - make sure you use a colour so you can see where you've drawn your shape. With a sharp pair of scissors, cut out your spooky shapes and stick to your walls.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration to repurpose household items that you have at home to create some funky Halloween decorations. These homemade Halloween decorations can be reused every year which means you'll also be reducing your household waste.

Stock up on these Hallowen treats and make this October 31st one to remember.