Former Big Brother star Brian Dowling takes on the Bother Brain

Former Big Brother star Brian Dowling takes on the Bother Brain

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Making a list, checking what you’ve run out of, asking everyone what they need, having to drive to the supermarket and then lug all those heavy, boring basics home. Urgh, how 2001.

At Bother, we think there’s a smarter way to shop. Boring basics delivered next day with no need for a delivery slot and a clever brain that works out what you might need and when and starts filling your next box for you. Then, you’re free to shop local for the fun, fresh stuff. Win Win.

That’s why this week we’ve teamed up with Brian Dowling – known for getting into plenty of bother with shopping tasks – for the Brian vs Bother Brain Shopping List Challenge, showing just how much smarter Bother is for people (and, we think, planet).

Did you know the average Brit will spend eight-and-a-half months of their lives in a supermarket?

On average adults visit stores three times a week, spending just over 37 minutes there each time.  This amounts to nearly two hours a week or the equivalent of more than four whole days a year - and that doesn’t include the additional 22 minutes that it takes to get to and from the supermarket on each visit during a typical seven-day period!

And ‘nipping to the supermarket’ could cost you more than you think. On average Brit spends £53.85 and purchases on average 19 products during each shop. That means the average adult will purchase 186,732 items and part with a staggering £529,238 on groceries throughout their lifetime!

Supermarket shopping is a chore we spend far too long doing, from making lists and remembering items, to driving and parking, navigating new supermarket layouts, long queues and then having to lug it all home. These are just some of the bugbears that people endure on a weekly basis.

So why not try a smarter way to shop and test out the Bother Brain like Brian.