Get Ready for Spring Cleaning with the Power of Method

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning with the Power of Method

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Springtime is finally here! The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and the air smells fresh. It's a great time to get your home looking spotless during this year's spring clean. We'll go through what spring cleaning is, why you should do it and we'll even take you through our favourite Method cleaning products, so you can get a lovely clean house even faster than you might expect.

What Is a Spring Clean?

As the name suggests, you're simply deep cleaning your home during the springtime. But why spring of all seasons? Well, it's a popular season of cleaning in many cultures, take the Iranians for example. They celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year which falls on the first day of Spring. Just before Nowruz, Iranian's practice something called khaneh tekani. This translates to 'shaking the house', which essentially means they're giving their entire house a thorough clean - just like we do during our spring-cleaning season.

For us in the UK, spring means warmer weather and longer days, so you can crack open those windows and let fresh air flood in.

Why Every Home Needs Spring Clean

Believe it or not, but with a cleaner home you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders because cleaning your home can be quite the task, and once it’s ticked off your list it provides a sense of relief. One of the main benefits of spring cleaning is better quality air inside your home. A deep clean removes allergen triggers such as dust and mould which makes life at home easier for asthma and hay fever suffers. Plus, a cleaner home is just that bit nicer to live in.

Organise your home and declutter your room during a spring clean, especially your working spaces. Less clutter means your productivity levels will skyrocket because your working environment will feel like it's been refreshed, and the things you need will be easier to find with improved organisation.

Now you may not believe this benefit and you might think we're trying to convince you to get your cleaning gloves on, but spring cleaning can actually make you happier. Yep, you read that right. It's because the act of cleaning provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction, and previous studies have shown that household cleaning increases your overall level of happiness. So, we guess Mum was right all along - make sure your home always looks spick and span.

Method Products to Use for a Perfect Spring Clean

Spring cleaning can be quite a lengthy task, but it doesn't need to be as long as you've got the right products to hand. You'll need your cleaning essentials such as these If You Care Sponge Clothes and a pack of Minky M Cleaning Pads, but you'll also need some top quality cleaning solutions and that's why we recommend Method.

Method products are plant-based which makes them safer to use for sensitive skin and better for people who suffer from allergies. They've got a wide range of quality products that are essential for all deep cleaning jobs, so next up we're going to take you through our favourite Method products and how to use them.

Method Wild Rhubarb Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Cleaner

Method's Multi-Surface Cleaner is all-purpose cleaner that's anti-bacterial so it works to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and it has a lovely rhubarb scent that will leave your surfaces smelling fruity. It's safe to use on most surfaces which makes it a versatile cleaner that can be used in most rooms in your home. Simply spray on surfaces, leave it work in for 5 minutes, then just wipe away with a damp cloth.

It's also available in 2L refill size so you can easily top up your bottle and keep cleaning away.

Method Kitchen Cleaner Clementine

Who doesn't love a sparkly clean kitchen? We do and that's why Method's Kitchen Cleaner is our go-to. It provides effective plant-based cleaning power that easily takes care of grease and grime that builds up from all your delicious cooking. You'll also be left with a wonderful citrus smell in your kitchen that you can enjoy for when you next get your cook on. It's safe to use on most worktops including tile, stone, wood, and glass. Just spray onto surfaces and wipe off with a clean cloth to get your kitchen looking immaculate once again.

Method Orchard Fruit Laundry Detergent

Have you got piles of laundry to get through during your spring clean? Then give Method's Laundry Detergent a go. Its plant-based solution means that it's less likely to cause skin irritation, so it's better for sensitive skin. Method's Laundry Detergent will help bring your clothes back to life and revive their colours, and it can even help restore the whites in your bedsheets by shifting stains effortlessly. Simply add the liquid to the detergent compartment in your washing machine and you're good to go.

You can even become a laundry mixologist by combining the laundry detergent with Method's Tropical Coconut Fabric Softener to leave your laundry luxuriously soft and smelling like an exotic fruit fusion.

Method Water Mint Anti-Bac Bathroom Cleaner

Are bathroom's the toughest room to clean? We'd say so, but with the power of Method, it's much easier than you think. Method's Anti-Bac Bathroom Cleaner destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and tackles stubborn limescale to bring your bathroom back to life. It's perfect to use on all bathroom surfaces like bathtubs, sinks and toilets, but not on any natural stone materials. To use this bathroom cleaner, just spray on the surface and leave it for 5 minutes to loosen any dirt and grime, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Method Mint Glass Cleaner

Ever tried to clean your glass surfaces, only to be left with streaky marks and the pungent smell of vinegar? Well those days are gone as long as you're using Method's Mint Glass Cleaner. It's made with plant-based ingredients that will leave glass surfaces streak-free and squeaky clean, whilst leaving a refreshing mint scent. All you need to do is spray onto a glass surface and wipe it down immediately with a clean microfibre cloth, then just admire your perfectly clean surfaces.

Method Apple Orchard Granite & Marble Cleaner

If you need to clean down any natural stone surfaces like granite or marble, then Method's Apple Orchard Granite & Marble Cleaner is the product for you. You'll be left with spotless surfaces that smell like a basket of fresh apples. Just spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe down your surfaces, then with a dry cloth, buff your surfaces clean.

Method Floor Cleaners

With Method, floor cleaning has never been so simple. The Method Floor Cleaner comes in a lemon & ginger scent and is perfect to use on any hard floors like tile and stone to get them looking brand new again. It's easy to use with no water required - just squirt the solution onto your floor then mop clean with long strokes and leave your floor to dry.

For wooden floors and laminate floors, Method Wood Floor Cleaner is all you need. Again, there's no water needed - just spray on your floor, mop away and then leave to dry, it's that easy. There's no wax in this cleaner either, because wax can darken the colour of your floor, so it also works to protect your wood and laminate flooring.

The Spring-Cleaning Wrap Up

Spring cleaning doesn't need to be daunting task that you don't look forward to, if planned right it's easy. Just get your spring-cleaning checklist together, stock up on Method's cleaning products and practice your very own 'khaneh tekani' because it's time to shake your house down and get your home clean as a whistle. Method will make your life easier so you can get the spring cleaning done faster and enjoy the longer days and the warmer weather that we've all been waiting for.