Get ready for your period with these self-care essentials

Get ready for your period with these self-care essentials

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Period essential bundles at Bother

We're just going to begin by saying... periods can suck. Sure, they don't suck for everyone but they are definitely known to bring a rollercoaster of emotion, pain and mayhem (oh, and blood too).
We all get to learn what works for us and for how long... and we all pray we haven't run out of that chocolate we like, those painkillers that do the trick or the bath salts that ease the pain.
So, we're working with sustainable period care brand TOTM to help where we can, even if in a little way. We're launching a couple of exclusive period care bundles which will include the essentials you need (tampons and pads) alongside treats from Tony's Chocolonely, Pukka Tea and Faith in Nature.
Simply add to your Bother Regulars and you'll never again be digging around in every bag, drawer or pocket for a spare, slighty dusty, tampon.

Check out the Period Care Bundle Medium here

Check out the Period Care Bundle Super here

Why these self-care essentials are perfect for your period?

Eco-friendly period care products

Pads and tampons are essential, so it’s important that you use ones which are kind to your body.

Did you know convential pads can contain up to 90% plastic.

So swap out your conventional pads and tampons for alternatives like TOTM.  Their products contain 100% organic cotton so they’re super soft and hypoallergenic. And all the packaging is 100% recyclable, including the applicator.

If that’s not eco-friendly enough for you, how about menstrual cups. They don’t contain any harmful substances like bleach, and they’re also reusable. You just need to make sure you’re ok with washing away your own period blood.

View our full TOTM range here

Treat yourself to chocolate

Is there ever a time where chocolate doesn’t solve things? It may sound stereotypical and can be used as an easy excuse, but it turns out sugar cravings may be backed by science. Hormonal changes during your period may result in intensified cravings for sugary foods.

Fairtrade chocolate is the perfect way to ethically indulge these cravings. For an added boost, look for dark chocolate which contains nutrients such as iron and magnesium. Magnesium helps relax your uterus muscles to give you relief from cramping.

The great taste of Tony’s Chocolonely Fairtrade Chocolate is bound to relieve those cravings with 4 delicious flavours to choose from.

Soothing chamomile tea

Herbal teas might just be your best friend during your time of the month. For example, peppermint tea can be a warming remedy for stomach discomfort and bloating. For period self-care in particular, chamomile tea is an excellent choice as it helps to relieve muscle spasms. It also helps to restore calmness and help you get a peaceful nights sleep. Try taking a warm bath or shower, followed by a mug of chamomile tea to help relax your body.

Pamper-time hair or face mask

Treat yourself to a mood-boosting pampering session. Whether you prefer a face mask, hair mask or both at the same time these items are great for unwinding with a hot water bottle on the sofa.

Hormones can disrupt the balance of oils in you hair and skin during your period. Look for nourishing or purifying ingredients such as shea butter which can help restore balance to your skin and hair.

Give yourself a much deserved treat and spoil yourself with these Faith in Nature hair masks.

Our top tips to relieve period pain

Along with your essentials, here are some tips for dealing with menstrual cramps.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps to reduce bloating, and bloating can cause discomfort and makes your menstrual cramps worse. Hot water is better as it can increase blood flow to relax muscles, and lessen the severity of your cramps.

Relax with heat

Applying heat to an injury helps to relieve pain, and studies have shown that when heat is applied during a menstrual cycle, it can be more effective than taking over-the-counter medicine. Try putting a hot water bottle your abdominal area or lower back to alleviate cramping, or try out a hot bath to give you the ultimate relaxtion. Get the most out of a hot bath by adding some Epsom salts to relax your body.

Essential oils

Essentials oils work like magic, the ingredients are powerful so the oils get to work fast, you could call them natures medicine. Experts at Healthline suggest massaging essential oils in a circular motion for just five minutes a day to help aid relaxation.

Fix that diet

A healthy diet could lead to less period pain. That means lean proteins, plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts and wholegrains. It’s important to get some omega 3 in you too whether this is through eco-friendly food sources, such as chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseeds, or through a supplement such as Eksimo-3 Brandsharp Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil. Consult with your doctor before you make any dietary changes.

New period, new you

With our period bundle essentials now available to buy at Bother, and our handy period tips, we hope you have periods which are more manageable and less taxing on your body. No one should have to suffer with uncomfortable pains every month, however if things stay the same or get worse, please consult with your doctor.