How Many Calories In Oatly Barista Edition?

How Many Calories In Oatly Barista Edition?

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If you’re looking for a plant-based milk you can foam when making your morning coffee, look no further than Oatly Barista Edition.

The special formulation is designed to be creamy and foamy, ideal for making milk-based coffees like cappuccinos or lattes.

In this article we’ll take a look at the ingredients and calorie content of Oatly Barista Edition, as well as finding out just how healthy it is.

What Are The Ingredients In Oatly Barista?

The list of ingredients in Oatly Barista is short. Oatly Barista is a combination of water, oats, rapeseed oil, an acidity regulator, minerals, salt and vitamins.

The rapeseed oil in Oatly is what makes it rich and satisfying to drink. And Oatly says the acidity regulator is needed to make this product work for baristas. Coffee is naturally acidic, so the acidity regulator balances this low pH to stop the oat milk curdling in your hot drink.

There are no unnecessary ingredients, and the best part is everything is sustainable and plant-based. And of course this means Oatly Barista Edition is vegan.

Calories In Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk

Oatly Barista Edition oat milk contains 59 calories per 100ml. This means a serving of 250ml contains approximately 148 calories.

Compared to most other types of milk, both plant-based and dairy, the number of calories in Oatly Barista is a little higher. An exception to this is whole cow’s milk, which contains 65 calories per 100ml.

‌‌Is Oatly Oat Milk Healthy?

There are some positives and negatives when it comes to how healthy Oatly Barista Edition is.

While it contains more calories than most other types of milk, Oatly Barista Edition has very little saturated fat. There’s just 0.3g per 100ml compared to the 2.3g saturated fat per 100ml in whole cow’s milk.

Besides this, Oatly Barista Edition is a good source of protein, calcium and fibre. Oat milk also contains soluble fibre called beta-glucans, which have been shown to help the body maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Oatly Barista Edition has a slightly higher fat content than regular Oatly, which is what makes it extra creamy and ideal for adding to coffee.

Finally, the amount of carbohydrates is higher than other plant milks but roughly the same as cow’s milk. This is mostly due to the natural sugars in oats, which come out during the oat milk manufacturing process.

So this is why you might notice oat drinks have a sweeter taste than other unsweetened milks, despite there being no sugar in the Oatly recipe.

Like anything, oat drink should be consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Calorie Burn Time

The time needed to burn the 148 calories in a 250ml serving of Oatly varies depending on your age, height, weight and the type of activity you’re doing.

As a guide, a 35-year-old woman who’s 170cm tall and weighs 65kg would burn roughly 148 calories by walking briskly for 40 minutes, or by going on a 17-minute jog.

And household chores can count towards calorie burn too! Spend 50 minutes cleaning to burn the calories in your cup of Oatly.

This is only a rough guide, so for best results you should enter your own information into a reputable online calorie calculator. (We’ve linked to a good one from Bupa.)

Calorie Breakdown

The calorie breakdown for Oatly Barista Edition is 47% fat, 46% carbs and 7% protein.

So now your nutritional questions have been answered, are you ready to make a little plant-based latte magic?

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