How to improve your pet’s gut health with probiotics

How to improve your pet’s gut health with probiotics

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Around 70% of your pets immune system resides in the gut, so making sure their digestive system is in a good condition is essential to keep them happy and healthy. As well as having an essential role in healthy digestion, and the all-important pretty poop! That’s why Scrumbles, the family run pet food company puts gut health first with all their recipes, by using natural ingredients, and adding gut friendly ingredients like probiotics.

But what are probiotics, what benefits do they have for our cats and dogs, and why should you include them into their diet?

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms found in every body. There are hundreds of different types that you might have heard referred to as “good” or “friendly” bacteria. Not all probiotics are the same though, with each one playing a different role in your pet’s body. For example, some support gut health, aid digestion and balance your pet’s gut flora like Enterococcus Faecium, which is the probiotic Scrumbles use in their dry food recipes.

What are the benefits of probiotics for pets?

Your pet’s gut affects almost every function in their body, from their physical to even mental health. We touched lightly on a few of the benefits in the introduction, but here are some more, showing just how important they can be:

  1. Digestion aid: Probiotics are pawsome[RF1]  for aiding your pet’s digestive health by restoring the gut microbiome.
  2. Stool quality: Better digestion leads to better poo picking experiences – yes there is such a thing as a pretty pick-up-able poop!
  3. Supporting immune systems: Keeping your pet happy and healthy by building defence against disease.
  4. Improve skin and coat: It’s thought that probiotics can help improve skin and coat condition through synthesising essential vitamins e.g., B group vitamins.
  5. Weight management: Used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, probiotics can help your pet’s gut absorb essential nutrients and boost energy levels. Helping to burn off some of those excessive calories and keep them fit.

Don’t forget that for these benefits to be felt, the probiotics need to be alive when they reach the gut. So, if intaking probiotics via a food that has been cooked any higher than 46°C with the probiotics already added, they will have been killed in the process.

How to add probiotics to your pet’s diet?

You have two main choices when it comes to getting probiotics into your fur friend’s diet:

1) use supplements that have probiotics in, or 2) feed a diet that includes probiotics already.

If you have a pet at home, you’ll know getting them to eat a pill isn’t always easy, so feeding a probiotic food, that’s also tasty, is typically the easiest option. That’s why Scrumbles add it to their dry food post-cooking. Available in a range of flavours like salmon, chicken and even puppy or kitten recipes.

How long until you start seeing results?

Probiotics aren’t necessarily an overnight solution (although can be for short-term relief like reducing diarrhoea), with most benefits coming into play after 2-3 weeks. Don’t forget that if you’re changing your pet’s food it’s best to transition gradually. Scrumbles always recommend doing so over a period of up to two weeks. Especially if it’s a puppy or kitten as their digestive systems are typically more sensitive.

Add Scrumbles to your Bother order today to give your pet a healthier meal which is better for their gut and will ensure they are kept happy and healthy.