Is luxury toilet paper worth the extra money?

Is luxury toilet paper worth the extra money?

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What’s the point of luxury toilet paper?

A lot of people just can’t see toilet paper as a luxury. And why would they?

It’s just toilet paper after all. You wipe, you flush and it’s gone.

So why would anyone spend more than they had to?

Well, to help explain that one, we need to go all the way back to the start of the pandemic.

From panic to posh

Spring 2020: You may remember, there was a serious toilet paper shortage.

The start of the national lockdown sent UK shoppers into a panic-buying frenzy. And, for some strange reason, toilet rolls were top of their shopping list.

The shoppers who got their first scrambled for the biggest, cheapest multipacks and stacked their trolleys high.

For those who arrived second, the choice was simple. No toilet rolls at all, or a luxury brand they’d never normally buy. So many opted for the second one.

And, as it turns out, they kinda liked it.

Demand for luxury toilet paper is up

Many shoppers who tried luxury toilet paper for the first time continued to buy it, even when their regular brand was back in stock.

The high demand for toilet rolls meant that even smaller brands got a larger share of the market. Take Cheeky Panda, for example. During the shortage they quadrupled their production in just four weeks to support some of the major supermarkets, and they picked up some loyal customers as a result.

All five of 2020’s best selling toilet rolls were from luxury brands. This includes the top seller, Andrex, whose sales include both classic and luxury varieties of their toilet rolls.

What makes luxury toilet paper better?

There are a two main reasons why luxury toilet papers are superior to standard.

It’s thicker and stronger

Cheaper brands are one or two-ply at best. But because they’re so thin, they fall apart when you’re wiping, so you end up using more.

Luxury papers have three or four layers, which makes them thicker and stronger. Because they don’t break up during use, you don’t need to use so much and a roll will last you longer.

It’s softer

Some standard brands have a rough texture that can leave you feeling sore. Especially if you’re dealing with the aftermath of eating something dodgy!

But the luxury brands are designed for comfort, so they’re softer and kinder to your bottom. Some also contain a hint of silk, aloe vera or coconut oil, which makes them extra soothing.

What’s the price difference?

To decide whether these benefits make luxury toilet paper worth the extra money, you need to see a cost comparison.

Let’s look at top UK seller, Andrex.

Their standard Classic Clean toilet paper is 2-ply and 27p* per 100 sheets.

Their luxury Supreme Quilts edition is 4-ply and 30.5p* per 100 sheets.

This makes the luxury paper 3.5p more per sheet than standard paper, which is probably a much lower difference in price than you would expect.

*Based on a 9-roll pack

So, is luxury toilet paper worth the extra money?

We think so.

And here’s why...

The luxury paper is double the thickness of standard. This means you’ll need half as much and it could last up to twice as long. Even if you double up the standard paper, it doesn’t have the same silky softness or the strength of the luxury version.

And, finally, despite the luxury toilet paper being twice the thickness, it isn’t twice the price. So it’s actually better value for money than standard.

Want to compare them for yourself?

You can buy standard and luxury Andrex toilet rolls direct from us:

Andrex Classic Clean (9-roll pack)

Andrex Classic Clean (16-roll pack)

Andrex Supreme Quilts (9-roll pack)

For a cleaner and fresher feel, we recommend using Andrex Moist Classic Washlets along with your preferred toilet tissue.

Will you be sticking with standard or will you make the switch and treat yourself to some luxury toilet paper?