Kit out your gym bag with these essentials

Kit out your gym bag with these essentials

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So, it’s been a while since the gyms have reopened and classes have restarted. You’re eager to get back in the groove and cut the lockdown weight, but your gym bag has collected layers of dust and you’ve forgotten all the gym bag essentials you need.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our gym bag essential checklist; you just focus on getting fit.

What essentials do you need to pack in your gym bag?

Some pre-gym bag hacks

To keep your gym bag smelling fresh and avoid any musty smells, pop some teabags into your bag. If you don’t want to do that, you can add a dryer sheet into the bottom of your bag too.

Keep your trainer’s odour and moisture free by sprinkling some bicarbonate of soda or baby powder into a tissue and place in your trainers after a workout – this helps it stay mess free.

If you carry a protein shake in your bag, you probably have the worry of it opening and spilling everywhere. On top of that, you need to add the water first, then the protein so it doesn’t get clump. So keep your protein in a food bag to add to your water after.

If you've ever forgotten your earphones for a workout, you'll know how much that feeling sucks. Keep a spare pair in your bag so you've always got headphones on you. This way you'll never have a bad workout again.

Resistance bands are a staple in any workout session. They can be used for warm ups and cool downs. Additionally, if the weights or machines you want to use are occupied, resistance bands can be used in an exercise to act as an ideal replacement.

If you're a heavy lifter, remember your weightlifting belt. Sometimes, you might just be feeling super strong and want to smash your personal best. They boast a load of benefits, including lifting more weight, preventing injuries and more.

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Hygiene in the gym

You may be feeling a little worried about going back into an environment after lockdown which is ridden with people breathing heavily and using machines covered in sweat.

Whilst gyms are stocked up on wipes, hand gels and sanitising sprays, it wouldn’t  do any harm to keep your own in your gym bag. A hand sanitiser and some antibacterial wipes in your gym bag are useful to keep, so you can clean down equipment before and after you use it.

It would also be wise to keep a mask on you, especially as you enter and leave the premises (it would be pretty tough to wear one whilst you’re working out).

You might prefer to get a pair of gloves that have good grip (especially if you’re using weighted equipment), so you don’t need to worry about touching things with your bare hands.

Keep yourself fresh

When you workout, you’re going to sweat and smell, there’s no doubt about it. The important thing afterwards is cleaning yourself off and smelling good. Especially if you’re working out in the morning and going into work straight from the gym. Your colleagues will thank you.

For a shower gel that will really get you feeling refreshed, the Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel is amazing and will cool your entire body down after a hard workout.

The Faith in Nature range is loved by us for its mind-blowing fragrances, and it’s also eco-friendly as it's made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils. It's also Vegan Society Approved and Cruelty-Free.

Don’t forget your deodorants, they’ll keep you smelling fresh for the remainder of the day, and you won’t have to worry about any sweaty, lingering smells. For a deodorant that’s kind to your skin, we recommend Sanex Dermo Sensitive Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant.

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Restore your energy

Well done for that gruelling workout, but don’t forget to reenergise. So keep some healthy snacks in your bag for when you need something on the go. Here are some of our favourite, delicious snacks that we think you’ll love:

This one isn’t so much a snack but it’s handy to keep a protein shake in your bag to have after a workout, these are crucial for the growth of your muscles and is an easy way to get some protein in your diet. The creamy Pulsin Whey Protein Natural Vanilla is a great option, and as it’s made with grass-fed, hormone-free cow’s milk,  there are no nonsense ingredients here.

With our essentials for gym checklist, you should now be ready for a great workout to hit your fitness goals. Remember to stay hydrated and safe during your workouts.