The Million Tree Pledge

The Million Tree Pledge

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If you’ve read our article on ‘What can we do to help stop climate change?’, you’ll know we’re in partnership with Ecologi to plant trees for every transaction placed with us. This is all to make a positive change on the world, to make a stand to save the planet. Even if everyone in the world stopped producing CO2 today, we would still need decades of drawing down all the greenhouse gases we’ve emitted to avoid an ecological collapse.

We can’t do it alone, so we’ve joined the Million Tree Pledge – the bigger picture behind all the tree planting with Ecologi. So, what is the Million Tree Pledge?

What is The Million Tree Pledge?

The Million Tree Pledge is a group of individuals and businesses in partnership with Ecologi and have pledged to plant over 1 million trees each.

We’re passionate about this pledge and urge anyone, business or individual, to join us in the challenge to make the planet a better place by drawing down carbon emissions emitted by ourselves.

The founding members of the Million Tree Pledge are Bother, Fountain Partnership, Create, Tribepad, Cannabrew, Krystal, Parcel Monkey, Propellernet, Artfinder & Bakedin. And since then more have joined so that 23 million trees have been pledged.

Why Trees?

According to The World Counts, 1 billion hectares of tree space has been cut down in just 40 years. On top of this, since 2016 an average of 28 million hectares are lost every year. It is predicted that if the current trend continues, we could lose our rainforest’s in less than 100 years.

Trees provide natural habitat for wild animals, they help stop soil erosion and act as lungs of the Earth. As they require carbon dioxide to grow, Experts at Woodland Trust have said that trees are our most powerful weapon when it comes to halting the devasting effects of climate change.

It’s important that as many people as possible act now, with the help of Ecologi and the Million Tree Pledge, it’s easy to get involved. Our future generations will feel the effects of climate change and carbon emissions more if changes aren’t made sooner. The question we will all be faced with will be, “How did you help to save the planet?”

Credits to Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Projects 

Bother’s Million Tree Pledge

We’ve been working Ecologi for 6 months and in that time, we’ve had some great success thanks to our customers. By shopping with us, our customers have managed to help us reduce carbon by 280.79T and have helped us to plant 30,013 trees (data taken 29th June 2021). Although we’re far away from our pledge of 1 million trees, we’re positive and ambitious that it will be achieved. Stay up to date on our tree planting progress with the Ecologi Bother Dashboard.

If you’re an individual or business considering taking the pledge with us and the other founding members, send them our way to sign up and take the leap to clamp down on carbon emissions.