The Sauce Shop Sauce Guide

The Sauce Shop Sauce Guide

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There's only one way to make meals taste better and that's by adding delicious tasting sauce. So, if you love to lather your chips in tomato ketchup or spice up your meals with hot sauce then this is a guide you need to read. Today we're introducing you to the wonderful Sauce Shop so you can bring your delicious cooking to life.

Why Sauce Shop?

Let us start off by saying, not all sauce is made the same. Sauce Shop only use natural ingredients, there’s no nasty chemicals or additives like thickeners or stabilisers which makes them completely natural. And they've got several great taste awards so they must be doing something right.

Sauce Shop sauces are made in smaller batches so ensure greater care and attention throughout the cooking process. Their sauces aren't just churned out in mass amounts by machines, they're cooked in open vessels by real people. This helps to produce quality sauces that are filled with flavour.

A Classic: Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup

Tomato ketchup is one of the nation’s favourite sauces, so can Sauce Shop's Tomato Ketchup improve on a classic? It's a big yes from us. It's richer, bolder and has a more full-on flavour with the addition of onion, garlic, and other spices to give it a little bit of oomph.

Ketchup goes on almost everything, so try adding the delightful taste of Sauce Shop's Tomato Ketchup to any foods that you love. It's especially good with fries, burgers, and scrambled eggs thanks to its perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours.

Cool and Creamy: Sauce Shop Original Mayo

Sauce Shop's Original Mayo changes the game for mayonnaise lovers - there's something special about the taste and texture of their version. It's thick, creamy and has a slight sourness that makes it a little bit different to mayo you might be more familiar with.

Sauce Shop’s Mayo is made only with five ingredients.

The Hot One: Sauce Shop Sriracha

Sauce Shop have got the heat level just right on this hot sauce making it perfect for any spice lover. The Sauce Shop Sriracha Sauce is made from aged red jalapeños, garlic, brown sugar, rice vinegar and sea salt, but don't be fooled by its small ingredient list because it packs a fiery punch.

It goes perfectly in most meals, but we love to use it in stir fries. Once your stir fry is ready, squirt some of the sriracha sauce into your stir fry and give it a good mix.

Your Burger's Best Friend: Sauce Shop Burger Sauce

Who doesn't love a juicy, stacked up burger? Well, you can make your burgers even better with the addition of Sauce Shop's Burger Sauce. It has an explosion of flavour as it's made with a combination of Sauce Shop's Tomato Ketchup, Mayo, and South Carolina BBQ Sauce, three is the magic number after all. And it can turn a great burger into the perfect burger.

Smoky with a Twist: Sauce Shop Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is loved by many, but here's one with a bit of a twist. Sauce Shop's Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce combines the smokiness of BBQ sauce with the sweetness of cherry and subtle hints of bourbon to create this masterpiece of a sauce. There's a real difference in flavour between this and standard BBQ sauce with its subtle sweetness.  and a taste that lasts for longer. If you're looking for a smoky sauce with uplifting flavours, give this one a go.

We find that it works best with any barbecued meats and even vegan meat alternatives. The flavours of the sauce really compliment the smoky flavour of barbecued food so next time you're hosting, pull this sauce out.

Buttery and Intense: Sauce Shop Buffalo Hot Sauce

Calling all hot sauce lovers - there's another Sauce Shop bottle calling your name. This buffalo hot sauce is a level up from the others, it’s made with real butter which gives it a richer texture. The intense spicy flavour comes from the red jalapeños and habaneros that have been used to make this sauce. They’ve been aged for a minimum of 2 months which means they’ve fully ripened to release a hotter flavour than other hot sauces.

There's no better way to enjoy Sauce Shop's Buffalo Hot Sauce than with a plate full of fried chicken, skin on fries and coleslaw but feel free to add it to any meals where you want that kick of heat. It works well as a dipping sauce and can make for a perfect spicy pasta dish.

Get Saucy

The Sauce Shop range is a perfect addition to any meal. What makes them even better is that they’re made without any artificial ingredients, so they are full of real flavours. What are you waiting for? Shop our entire Sauce Shop range at Bother now.