Tips & tricks for weaning your baby

Tips & tricks for weaning your baby

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Weaning is an exciting time but also one that’s a little (a lot) stressful, so we thought we’d put together some of our top tips that we wish we’d known when we started weaning with our little terrors. Experts at Piccolo have given us their top tips and tricks for weaning your baby.

Get geared up

Although the main event is going to be between you, your kid and that bowl of puree, you want to be as prepared as possible when weaning begins - and that might require making some purchases that you’ve never even thought about. Firstly, there’ll be a fair bit of mess. Food is probably going to end up everywhere (who knew your baby could throw that far?) The best things for the mess are messy mats and sleeved bibs; food will still get into places you didn’t know it could, but these should get most of it. On top of that, there are high chairs, a mini food blender (a complete lifesaver for mealtimes) and some durable crockery - because it’s not only the food that’s going to get lobbed.

Now, we can’t quite guarantee that everything will go smoothly with weaning, but these bits of equipment should make your life a lot easier.

Snacks on-the-go

As you progress on your weaning journey, your little one’s going to grow to love snacking away at all hours of the day, often when you least suspect it. When there’s no snacks to hand…. Well, we all know that hanger isn’t just an adult condition – run!

No, no of course we’d never do that... just give them something from your snack stash that you always have in your bag. A snack stash is key! Having readily available snacks or pouches on hand for your little one to eat when hunger strikes is a complete day-out-saver (or just general day-saver). Piccolo’s Green & Go pouches are perfect for exactly that: having on the go.

Get them used to new tastes

Weaning is such a key stage of our little’s ones development – it's the first time they’re tasting literally everything! And a lot of those new tastes are going to be weird and probably not that nice the first few times. A big reason for this is because breastmilk is sweet, so anything that isn’t sweet = different. Don’t be disheartened though, weaning is THE time for little ones to learn about new tastes and even if they don’t initially like the taste of a certain veggie (or two) doesn’t mean that they won’t grow to love it. It can sometimes take up to 10-12 times for a new taste to be accepted by a weaning baby!

A great first step is going for vegetables that have a little bit of sugar in them (meeting them half way), like Piccolo’s Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Pear Pouch – it’s vegetable filled but still sweet and fruity for our little ones.

Are they eating enough?!

The question that is on all new parents’ minds: is it a problem if a majority of my little one’s dinner ends up on them and their clothes rather than in them? Not really (except for the endless loads of laundry it causes)

But try not to worry about your baby having more fun with their food than actually eating it – it’s all part of the process. In the early stages of weaning, children are still getting a majority of their nutrients from milk, so their solid meals are much more about exploration, fun and learning than our adult meals are. Little ones also know when they’re hungry and when they not, so if they aren’t really going for that exceptional puree you prepared, just have patience and give it a little bit of time – they may just not be hungry right now, but they will be later.

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