Vegan Swaps for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Vegan Swaps for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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January is here so it means the Veganuary challenge is back. If you've already started your journey to becoming a vegan this month, you might find yourself becoming bored of eating the same meals week after week, especially if you're new to a vegan diet.

Swapping out normal food for vegan alternatives is much easier than you might think, and some of what you already eat might even be vegan-friendly already. We’ve put together this guide to give you some meal inspiration and to show how easy it is to make those vegan swaps, whilst still eating delicious food.

Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So if you can’t survive without a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning or you’re on a real health kick, you’ve got plenty of options when going vegan.

It's a common misconception that vegan food is bland and boring, but that’s far from the truth. You can still have your traditional bowl of cereal. A vegan-friendly cereal that we love is Whole Earth's Oaty Organic Cocoa Crunch. It’s full of fibre to keep you fuller for longer and you can add some sweetness by topping your cereal off with some berries for extra vitamins and nutrition.

To partner your cereal, you’re going to need to switch out your dairy milk with a plant-based milk. Oatly Barista Milk is a popular choice because of its great taste. It can be used in cereal and as it’s a barista milk, it means it won’t curdle in hot drinks like tea and coffee. With the right gear, Oatly Barista can also foam up nicely to give you a luxurious, creamy coffee. Find out how you can do this yourself in our Oatly Barista blog.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again – being a vegan doesn't need to be boring. Get yourself stuck into a jar of Vego Fairtrade Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, it's basically a vegan-friendly Nutella. Not only is it irresistible, but it’s also made without palm oil which is high in saturated fats, and is also a major contributor to deforestation - better for you and better for the planet too.

Do you prefer breakfast to be light and packed with nutrition? Here’s a great tasting smoothie recipe you can make and enjoy every morning. Here’s all you’re going to need:

This is as easy as it gets - just chuck everything into a blender except the chia seeds. Blend away, then pour into your favourite glass and top it off with the chia seeds. This smoothie is packed with plenty of good stuff like magnesium, iron, omega-3 and more to help kickstart your day. The Funktional Foods Protein Blend comes in 3 delightful flavours which are Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry. They're naturally sweet, low in sugar and made from a blend of pea protein and rice protein which makes it a perfect protein source for a vegan lifestyle.

Need more inspiration for a delightful breakfast? Check out our plant-based breakfast products.

Vegan Lunch Ideas

Lunch ideas can be hard to think of but we’re here to help you eat food that not only tastes good but will keep you full too. You can’t have any meat, egg, or cheese, so here’s some vegan-friendly lunch ideas you can opt for instead.

One of the key ingredients in any vegan diet will be tinned beans. They're high in protein which makes them a great substitute for meat, and they have the added benefit of antioxidants, fibre, and iron. Beans are highly versatile, and each type of bean has its own unique texture and flavour. See a couple of examples below on different beans, their textures and flavours, and what meals they go well in:

  • Black beans - firm texture, slightly nutty in flavour. Perfect to add to soups and stews.
  • Kidney beans - a soft texture when cooked with a slight sweetness. Perfect in a vegan chilli.
  • Butter beans - velvety texture with a rich buttery flavour. Great to add into healthy salads.
  • Borlotti beans - a smooth and creamy texture, with a slightly sweet taste. Ideal to use in casseroles.

Add some extra protein to your vegan recipes with the addition of Profusion's meat alternative products. They're high in plant protein with 50g of protein per 100g serving, and they're simple to prepare.

The Profusion Organic Vegan Pea & Fava Protein Pieces just needs to be soaked in water for 30 minutes, then cooked in a pan. They’re a great replacement for any dishes with chicken, so why not try using them in a wholesome protein rich salad. You can add some extra flavour with Mary Berry’s Mango, Lime & Chilli Dressing, and add a sprinkle of sunflower seeds for a healthy source of fats.

The Profusion Organic Vegan Pea & Fava Protein Mince needs just 10 minutes of soaking in water before cooking in a pan – we recommend trying this instead of beef mince in a chilli con carne. Who said you need meat to get your protein in?

Another tasty meal you can make are smoky vegan burgers using Bonsan's Organic Smoky Jackfruit. Heat it in a pan and whilst it cooks, prepare your burger buns with lettuce, tomatoes and whatever else you like. You'll notice the jackfruit chunks will start sticking together in your pan, so all you need to do is form it into a burger shape and place into your bun. Top off your burger with the great taste of Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup, or their fiery Sriracha Sauce which are both vegan-friendly.

Get some vegan-friendly lunch inspiration from our plant-based lunch suggestions.

Vegan Dinner Ideas

Dinner can be tricky whether you’re a vegan or not, it’s your last meal of the day so you want it to be something you’re going to like. Here are two ideas you can try out to keep things from getting repetitive, so you don’t lose your tastebuds.

You can’t go wrong with pasta, the possibilities are endless, but today we’re going to keep it classic with a vegan Bolognese. Biona’s Organic Soya Bolognese Pasta Sauce is premade to help you speed up the cooking process so you don’t need to slave away making your own sauce from scratch.

Just combine the sauce with the cooked pasta. Easy, fast, and nutritious.

Getting bored of pasta? No problem. Go exotic with a vegan-friendly Thai green curry. Again, there’s no need to slave away and make your own sauce because Blue Dragon’s Thai Green Curry Paste is premade and suitable for vegans.

To make things easier for you, we've put together this Vegan Meals Bundle so you'll have everything you need to whip up a flavoursome vegan meal. You can find all you need for a plant-based dinner here.

Vegan Snack Ideas

There are tonnes of snacks out there from healthy snacks to cheeky treats, but as a vegan are your options limited? Heck no. There’s plenty you can enjoy throughout the day, and whilst it might not be a pot of luxurious yoghurt, these snacks still taste good and will keep you satisfied.

For a healthy vegan snack, get yourself stocked up on our fruit and nut mix. It’s packed with peanuts, walnuts, brazil nuts and raisins so it’s all-natural snacking. Nuts are super healthy and make a great source of healthy fats.

If calories are something you want to keep low, then we recommend Biona's Organic Corn Cakes, there are just 27 calories per cake. They're versatile too, you can top them with virtually anything. Think sliced bananas, smashed avocado, or peanut butter.

And speaking of healthy treats, we suggest browsing our healthy-ish plant-based snacks range. There's a wide range of different vegan friendly foods like Ape Chocolate Coconut Bites and bags of PROPERCORN Sweet & Salty Popcorn.

Our personal favourite vegan snack are these bags of Love Corn which are available in four delectable flavours: Salt & Vinegar, Smoked BBQ, Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt. They’re crunchier than a bag of crisps and are the perfect on-the-go snack for when you’re feeling peckish.

Our final snack is going to be a staple during your Veganuary challenge no matter who you are. It’s chocolate. You never know when you’re going to crave it, so it’s worth keeping it at home and you’re going to need a vegan friendly brand like H!P. Their chocolate is made from oat milk, so it’s 100% vegan and has a wonderful creamy texture. There are 4 different flavours for you to try out: Original, Salty Pretzel, Cookies No Cream and Salted Caramel. H!P chocolate is perfect for any chocolate lovers that need a vegan-friendly alternative.

Veganuary Made Easy

See how easy it is to swap out normal foods for vegan alternatives? Hopefully our guide will make going vegan this month a lot easier so you can complete the Veganuary challenge with ease. There's an alternative for everything no matter what you can think of, so start swapping out your dairy milk for Oatly Barista and put away that Nutella jar and get yourself some Vego Chocolate Spread.

Browse our full vegan range today at Bother and make Veganuary easy-peasy.