What exactly is the Bother Brain™ and what's it got to do with the Box Builder?

What exactly is the Bother Brain™ and what's it got to do with the Box Builder?

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What exactly is the Bother Brain™?

The Bother Brain™ is the thing that makes shopping with Bother just that little better, a little bit smarter, and a little bit faster than your average grocery shop. It's what will allow you to spend less and less time shopping, and more time doing the more important things in life, all while helping you save money and manage your household. That's because the more you shop, the more the Brain gets to know you as it learns what you need, when you need it and then gives you a little notification when it might be time to restock.

So what does the Brain actually do?

As soon as you've placed an order, the Brain gets to work. It will take a look at what you've bought, what you've browsed and what you've added to your Regulars from that point on and for the products it is pretty certain you will need in your next order, it will add them to your Box (this is the Brain's Box Filler). For products it thinks you may need, or might be interested in, it will add them into your personalised Box Builder for you to browse and add to your Box as you shop. So when you return to place your next order, you're just a whole load of clicks closer to being done with your boring monthly grocery shop all over again.

But nothing is ordered automatically right?

While the Brain does the hard work, you've got all the control. The Brain only adds products to your Box it's pretty sure you'll need and there's absolutely no subscription or automated delivery element to the Bother shopping experience. Trust us, we know how annoying it is to be sent things you don't need and for things that are meant to make your life easier, to actually make things messier and messier. That's where Bother's different to all those subscribe and save models out there. While they get less and less accurate over time as your cupboards overfill with toothpaste you still haven't run out of, the Bother Brain™, gets more and more accurate over time as it learns how you shop, how you interact with the products it recommends in your Box Builder, and what exactly you're buying. This way, while recommending the best value products for you, the Brain is the household management tool you've always needed and the money-saving assistant you've always wanted.

How does the Brain's Box Filler and Box Builder recommendations get more accurate over time?

The more you shop, the more accurate the Brain will get. The Brain (and our trusty data science team who are really, well, the brains behind the Brain) will primarily use your shopping behaviours as the strongest indicators as to what you'll need and when. It also looks at which products you add or remove, what you're browsing, how your interact with the products in your Box Builder and which products you add (and remove) from your Regulars.

And does it take into account the combined shopping behaviour of all the Bother customers?

To a certain extent yes. Things like how long it takes for an average household to get through our best-selling box of Ariel washing detergent will help the Brain add this to your Box just when you need it (because you're unlikely to need it every time you shop so it would take too long gather that data on a customer by customer level).

So is the Box Builder still my personal recommendations or are they more generic?

Everything in the Box Builder is still totally personalised! It's sort of like a shopping aisle curated especially for you. While the Box Filler is only for products the Brain is pretty certain you'll need in your next order, Box Builder is for the ones it's a little less certain of. Ones that it thinks you'll need but maybe isn't exactly sure when yet, or ones that it thinks you might like but haven't seen or just hasn't got to know you well enough yet. These products will go into your personalised Box Builder to make your shopping experience as quick and seamless as possible and to save the endless scrolling and browsing through thousands of products that we all seem to spend our lives doing. Plus, the more you shop from your Box Builder, the cleverer the Brain will get.

So you can see, the Brain is working tirelessly, in lots of different little ways, so that it can make your life easier, your shopping time speedier, and your life, well...a whole lot better. So your brain has the space to think about what you're going to have for supper, or what exotic adventure you can start planning for, or just...where the darn car keys are!