Which HiPP Organic Formula To Use For Babies

Which HiPP Organic Formula To Use For Babies

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Although breastfeeding is the best option for babies, for some mothers it just isn’t possible. And others need a milk formula to supplement their breast milk.

Either way, if you’re deciding which brand of formula milk to go with, you’ll want to be sure you’re making the best choice for your baby.

There are so many options out there that even when you’ve chosen a brand, you may still be left with what feels like a confusing array of options.

So if you’re trying to work out which HiPP Organic formula to choose for your baby, let us help. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different stages of formula milk and when you can feed each one to your baby.

But first things first: if you’re at all worried about any aspect of feeding your baby, talk to your midwife or health visitor for advice.

Is HiPP Milk Good For Babies?

Baby formula is carefully formulated under strict guidelines to provide the best levels of carbohydrates, protein and fat, as well as being enriched with vitamins and minerals.

So if breastfeeding isn’t an option, feeding your baby a formula milk like HiPP Organic will give them the nutrients they need to grow.

HiPP is made from organic ingredients, and no pesticides are used on the land where the cows graze.

What's The Difference Between HiPP Stage 1 And 2?

The various stages of HiPP formula are developed for different periods of your baby’s early life.

Stage one formula is suitable from birth if your baby isn’t being breastfed. It can also supplement breastfeeding.

HiPP stage one infant milk is formulated to provide the nutrients your baby would usually get from breastfeeding. It’s available as powdered milk formula or in a bottle, ready to feed.

HiPP also has two specialist formulas which can be fed from birth onwards:

  1. An anti-reflux formula, which is designed to ease reflux and regurgitation
  2. A “comfort milk” formula to help with colic and constipation

HiPP stage two formula is also known as follow-on milk, and it’s suitable from 6 months onwards. It’s designed to work as part of your baby’s diet during weaning.

One of the main differences between stage one and two is that stage two formulas have iron as well as vitamins C and D, which all help the immune system to work correctly.

When Should I Switch To HiPP Stage 2 Formula?

You can continue to feed your baby with stage one infant formula for the first 12 months. If you’re considering moving on to a stage two follow-on milk, you can do this at 6 months. You shouldn’t feed your baby a follow-on milk before this age.

As with stage one, HiPP stage two follow-on milks are available to buy in ready-to-feed bottles or milk formula powder.

If your baby is doing well on stage one milk, there’s no need to change it in the first year. And according to the NHS, research shows there are no benefits to making the switch.

Whatever you’re planning to do, it’s best to have a chat with your health visitor before changing the formula you feed your baby.

What's The Difference Between HiPP 2 And 3?

Stage three formula is known as growing-up milk, and it’s designed to give your little one the nutrients they need as they go from being a baby to an active toddler.

From the age of 12 months on, your baby will be on a more mixed diet. It’s at this point that you can change your formula from stage two to stage three.

There’s calcium and vitamin D in stage three formula, which contribute to good bone health. However the NHS states there’s no evidence that these formulas provide better nutrition than whole cows’ milk.

As with anything regarding your baby's diet, you should talk to your health visitor before switching formulas.

What Is The Ratio For HiPP Formula?

For HiPP Organic formula, the ratio of powder to water is one level scoop of powder for every one fluid ounce (approximately 30ml) of water.

When you take a scoop of powder, you should level it off using the scoop leveller, but don’t press the powder down.

You must use the scoop from the pack to be sure you use the correct amount of powder, and it’s important that you don’t adjust the ratio by adding extra water or formula. And you shouldn’t add anything else into the feed.

Above all else, make sure you follow the instructions to prepare and feed HiPP Organic carefully. As powdered milk formula isn’t sterile, preparing it incorrectly could make your baby unwell.

The pre-prepared bottles of formula you can buy are ready to feed and need no additional water.

So that’s the lowdown on HiPP Organic formula. You can browse our range of baby milks and get what you need delivered to your door courtesy of Bother.